8BitDo M30

Wireless x68000 with 8BitDo M30 2.4g

It totally works!

If you craft yourself a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive to MSX/x68000 adapter or buy one from various retailers (I’ll add some links below) then you can use the M30 2.4g adapter on your x68000 for wireless, leisurely gaming.



The STAR button allows you to map/un-map turbo functionality to any face button. Hold STAR and press a button to set turbo for that button. This is a little finicky, you may have to hold both for a few seconds for it to register or try a few times. Turbo does work on the x68000 and can be really useful in some games

6/3 Button Mode

The controller defaults to 6 button mode. You can swap to 3 button mode by holding the MODE (-) button. I haven’t needed to switch modes when using my adapter on the x68000.


The pixel heart button functions as a HOME button on the Mega Sg. I don’t think it has any function otherwise.

8BitDo M30 Adapter

Build and Feel

This controller, while not an outright copy of the Genesis 6 button shell, feels pretty great. It has a decent heft to it without feeling heavy. The D-pad is responsive and feels pretty similar to an original Genesis 6 button pad and, honestly, feels rather nice. The 6 face buttons feel identical to an original and the L and R buttons remind me a lot of those on a SNES pad. This is a quality controller that I can absolutely recommend. It’s a steal at $25. It’s going to be my goto on the x68000 from now on.


It amazes me that a simple converter allows you to use this brand new controller on a 30+ year old Sharp x68000. Some important things to note. Genesis to x68000 adapters come in different flavors. Some are simple pin adapters and some use a microcontroller or transistor. These work either for 2 buttons games or 6 button games, depending on the converter. If you make your own, you can wire in a switch allowing you to toggle between 2 and 6 button modes.

For info on building your own adapter check out my post here.

Purchase an adapter at:

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  1. Nice! That “Star” button sounds like it functions the same way as the Capcom controller I had (very briefly). I didn’t have a manual or anything so it took a while to figure out what was going on, but I eventually noticed that there were tiny LEDs near each button, and some were on and some were off. Hmm, I kinda want a wireless one now, too!

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